Diapers: Cloth or Disposable?

What Are Your Diaper Options?

So you’re having a baby and you’re thinking about diapers, how many you’ll have to change, how much they’ll cost, and how gross they are! Maybe you haven’t and don’t even want to consider cloth diapers. Maybe you have considered them, but most articles are very biased and pushy. So how are you supposed to make an informed decision? Check out this comparison:

Cloth Diapers:

-Initial start-up costs are a little higher, however there will be no purchasing costs once you’ve got as many as you’ll need. There is laundry costs associated, however this cost will not compare to your monthly disposable diaper costs especially if you are on an “off-peak hydro pricing plan” and can make an effort to do laundry during off-peak hours. This may seem gross and a hassle, but you can actually just throw all the diapers and the diaper pail bag into the laundry!
-cloth diapers aren’t the traditional kind that most of us envision anymore. There are so many options. There are all-in-one kinds where you throw the entire diaper in the laundry. There are all-in-twos where there is a cute diaper cover and you place an absorbent cloth inside of this cover and it just snaps or velcros shut. There are pocket diapers which are very similar to all-in-twos, but there is a pocket for the absorbent cloth. There are the traditional fold and pin kind which are the cheapest; there are one-size diapers which grow with your child. There are even diaper services you can get which will eliminate the need and worry to do laundry. There are a TONNE of options.
-There are no chemicals in the fibers and many cloth options are all organic if this is important to you. Remember, babies have very delicate skin and sometimes cloth diapers are your only option due to the chemicals in disposable diapers.
-It is thought that babies who wear cloth diapers tend to learn how to use the potty about one year earlier than those babies who wear disposable diapers (further proving the cost efficiency of this method).
-The chemical-free materials can mean that there are less occurrences of diaper rash because the material is extensively more breathable than disposable.
-Disposable diapers are a huge percentage of landfill waste. It is estimated that it could take 500 years for disposable diapers to degrade, so cloth diapers are definitely more environmentally friendly.

Disposable Diapers

-Easier to find in stores and are more readily available in any major department store.
-If this is your first baby and you’re birthing in a hospital, the nurses will use and teach you how to use disposable diapers. This will mean that you’ll likely feel more comfortable and at ease using disposable diapers.
-Disposable diapers can be more convenient especially when you’re out with your baby. You can easily change your baby’s diaper and throw it away anywhere.
-Disposable diapers are engineered to be as absorbent as possible.
-There are biodegradable disposable diapers that you can find pretty much anywhere. These diapers are much more environmentally friendly than the regular disposable diaper and they tend to be organic as well which would be gentler on your baby’s skin.
-There are constantly coupons in local newspapers and online for diapers, which can definitely help with the major cost that is associated with disposable diapers!

I have tried to stay away from any negative information in the comparatives and just stuck to strict facts. Most people use disposable diapers because in the crazy busy/beautiful postpartum period, who needs more to think about? There is however a cultural shift taking place where more and more people care about buying organic and environmentally friendly products. The barrier that stands in the way, I think, of all people making the switch (not just in the case of diapers) is the cost difference. Now that you have a little more information, I hope you can make a more informed decision.

Sibling Support

“Sibling Support”, what a blanket term for such a huge job! When an existing family adds a precious member to their ranks, the whole dynamic changes. It’s something that sometimes no amount of prep can actually prepare the family for. Older siblings play such an important role and are often times swept aside for the postpartum period. Routines change, attention lessens, sometimes some things get put on hold that wouldn’t have otherwise. It is so vital that these siblings are included in this incredible transition period.

So often I hear from mothers that the first child was difficult enough to settle into a routine, two, three, four, etc. children be impossible to juggle. So how do you ensure that the new baby as well as the older sibling/s are all having their needs met and feeling included? It’s a difficult question to answer. The short answer would be, an incredible support team. Trying to be a super mom to all your children while you’re just slipping into a new routine with your new baby and your hormones are taking their time to re-balance themselves can be extremely draining both physically and emotionally.
Even if you did not have a birthing or postpartum doula with your first child, you may want to look into one who’s core values match up with your own for any new editions to your family. If this sounds like something that may resonate with you, contact me by phone at 905-317-8557 or email at burlingtondoula@gmail.com