Sibling Support

“Sibling Support”, what a blanket term for such a huge job!¬†When an existing family adds a precious member to their ranks, the whole dynamic changes. It’s something that sometimes no amount of prep can actually prepare the family for. Older siblings play such an important role and are often times swept aside for the postpartum period. Routines change, attention lessens, sometimes some things get put on hold that wouldn’t have otherwise. It is so vital that these siblings are included in this incredible transition period.

So often I hear from mothers that the first child was difficult enough to settle into a routine, two, three, four, etc. children be impossible to juggle. So how do you ensure that the new baby as well as the older sibling/s are all having their needs met and feeling included? It’s a difficult question to answer. The short answer would be, an incredible support team. Trying to be a super mom to all your children while you’re just slipping into a new routine with your new baby and your hormones are taking their time to re-balance themselves can be extremely draining both physically and emotionally.
Even if you did not have a birthing or postpartum doula with your first child, you may want to look into one who’s core values match up with your own for any new editions to your family. If this sounds like something that may resonate with you, contact me by phone at 905-317-8557 or email at

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